About high-quality PE protective film

- Nov 15, 2020-

PE protective film is a relatively common protective film product on the market, and is widely used in hardware, printing, building materials, decoration, plastics and other industries. It is so popular because of its colorlessness, tastelessness, non-toxicity and good ductility and temperature resistance. At present, there are many kinds of PE film brands on the market. How to choose a good film has become the top priority of the enterprise. Let's take a look at what characteristics a good PE film should have.

One is the hardness. Because the fundamental role of the protective film is to protect the product from being worn during processing, transportation and storage, a good film should have the characteristics of abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, so that it can fully protect it. There is a simple way to test the strength of the PE film, that is, use a 3H pencil to scratch the surface of the PE film 10 times. If there is no scratch, the hardness can be considered qualified.

The second is adhesion and peelability. The PE film must be able to adhere firmly to the surface of the product to ensure that there will be no warping and peeling during transportation. It can provide good peeling when the PE film needs to be removed. It is easy to remove, and there will be no residue.

The third is light transmittance, which has relatively high requirements in certain industries, such as doors, windows, and screens. The light transmittance is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and a professional instrument is required for inspection.

The fourth is anti-static. If it is a PE film used in the electronics industry, such as liquid crystal displays, since electronic devices are more sensitive and afraid of static electricity, it is required that the static electricity generated when the film is posted or uncovered is as small as possible.