About Protective Film for Aluminum

- Nov 30, 2020-

In daily life, everyone should be familiar with the aluminum profile protective film, because it can be seen on the outer surface of many aluminum materials, especially on aluminum windows. When just decorated, there will be a light layer on it. This is the aluminum profile protective film. Its main function is to protect the integrity of its appearance during storage or actual transportation. However, many times, because people did not tear it off in time, they found that the basic If you can't tear it off, the following editor will give you a brief introduction on how to realize the treatment of the aging film.

There are four common ways to deal with this kind of hard-to-tear film. The first is to use a hair dryer. Everyone basically has a hair dryer. The temperature of the film is changed by the hot air of the hair dryer, so that it will soften, and it can be removed while blowing and tearing. The second is a professional deplasticizer. There are corresponding deplasticizers in some hardware stores on the market. You buy a bottle and spray it on the aging film. After it is absorbed, it will be easy to tear it off. The third is the use of oil. In fact, gasoline and motor oil are more versatile in life. By applying these oils to the surface of the film, the viscosity can be changed, which makes tearing easier. There is also the use of alcohol. The component of alcohol is ethanol. It can react with many things. Apply alcohol to the membrane and then wipe it with water to dispose of it.