Advantages of Anti Static Protective Film

- Mar 06, 2021-

1. Good toughness: Because the electrostatic protective film can withstand the impact of at least 6-8 kg of sprayed gold sand, it can effectively protect the processed object and prevent it from being broken down;

2. The viscosity is moderate: The electrostatic protective film can be very compliant and firmly adhered to the surface of the glass body, and after the entire processing is completed, it can be directly peeled off without breaking due to brittleness, not to mention Will remain on the surface of the object due to tearing;

 3. There will be no degumming phenomenon: When the electrostatic protective film is pasted on the surface of the glass, after the entire processing is completed, when the protective film is cleaned, there will be no traces of residual glue on the surface of the processed glass to ensure the surface of the product More smooth and beautiful;

4. It has good adhesion and weather resistance: After using the electrostatic protective film for a period of time, its peeling force has not been significantly improved, and it is still very easy to peel off. The most important thing is that it is peeled off. After removal, there will be no glue left on the surface of the product, and the bonding effect is still relatively good. Electrostatic protective film is a double-layer co-extruded protective film produced by a special production process. The product has excellent stability under high temperature conditions. Because it does not use any adhesive, it is used in any environment without residual impurities on the surface of the product, which is more environmentally friendly and reliable. It will not produce or volatilize any toxic gas or substances harmful to the environment during or after use, and is widely used in various industrial fields. It has obvious effects on product surface protection, effectively reducing the production of defective products, improving process stability and enhancing product value.