Advantages of protective film for decorative laminates

- Jul 23, 2019-

1. The finished glass made of decorative film has high safety. After the glass product made of such color film glass, when the product is crushed, the glass fragments will not be scattered everywhere like the usual glass, but all the pieces are stuck on the decorative film, so as to ensure the glass is broken. Guarantee the safety of users.

2. Decorative film has high environmental protection. In the past, when making glass with photo materials, many of the photo materials were made of some volatile substances and toxic substances. The finished products have a very strong toxic taste, which is not only easy for workers to accumulate when processing glass. It is easy to cause various degrees of poisoning after the user stays in such a room for a long time, and the decorative film is made of advanced ink and more environmentally friendly materials without any toxicity.

3, decorative film has high fidelity. It is well known that photo materials are sprayed with ink to form a pattern. When the ink is ejected at high speed to reach the photo cloth, it will generate strong pressure, so that the ink will quickly spread out on the photo cloth, thus enhancing the photo. The precision is not high, and the decorative film is printed by gravure, which ensures that the decorative film has higher precision after being finished, and there is no distracting feeling of the photo material.

4. The decorative film has good weather resistance. In the original photo material, it is made by ink jetting and other processes, which is easy to fade under high humidity and high temperature environment. The decorative film is made of PVC material combined with gravure printing, thus ensuring the weather resistance of the decorative film which is excellent in water repellency.

5, decorative film is safe and environmentally friendly. The product uses high-quality PVC raw materials, which will not shrink when preheated in use.

No adhesive paste, can be repeatedly pasted, can be changed according to the interior decoration style or season, the film removed and the transparent base film peeled off before use are properly preserved, can be used repeatedly, easy to use, no need Other auxiliary materials can be pasted by