Analysis on the environmental protection issues of PE protective film

- Apr 03, 2020-

Over the past few years, the types of protective film products our PE protective films mainly produce are photodegradable types and biodegradable plastic types. Because these two types of protective films are green and environmentally friendly products that meet China's standards.

1. Photolysis type protective film

This type of protective film is added with photosensitive groups during the production process, and when adding photosensitive groups, it can only be added at a certain distance in its polymer chain. Therefore, such a PE protective film is safe and stable under the irradiation of artificial light. However, if it is irradiated by sunlight, the polymer chain is broken due to the absorption of too much energy by the photosensitive group, which eventually leads to the decomposition of the plastic.

2. Biodegradable plastic protective film

This type of protective film is to add some groups to the produced polymer chain to promote the decomposition of the biological protective film in the air or in the soil, so as to achieve the role of environmental protection.