Answers to common questions about glass protective film

- Feb 16, 2020-

With the rapid development of the glass protective film industry, the glass protective film is also known by more and more people, and has slowly entered the daily life of people. The light transmittance of the glass protective film is different, but it will not affect the light. Of course, when comparing the light, we cannot compare it with the glass without the film. The effect of the film on the light after the film is more or less a bit.

The glass protective film can be applied to glass with curvature, but it is relatively difficult to apply this factor to the film of ordinary glass. This is based on personal preference. Some people do not like light, especially when resting, you can choose to install curtains.

Insulating glass is good for sound insulation, but it is not ideal for heat insulation and ultraviolet protection. We can install Suzhou glass film on the inner glass. The insulation effect will be significant, and it can effectively block 99% of the ultraviolet rays.

After the glass protective film is attached, you won't feel cold in winter. Because the sources of heat in summer and winter are different, there is no such problem. The degree of adhesion to glass is very strong. In general, there is no problem with 10-15 years of use.