Application notes for PE protective film

- Apr 30, 2019-

1. Preparation: Please keep the surface to be cleaned free of dust, oil and other residues, so as to achieve the best viscosity when the film is applied;

2. Application: The protective film should be pasted or torn at a temperature not lower than 60 °F / (14 °C) for best results;

3. Note: If the protective film is wet after being pasted, please wait until it is completely dry before tearing off. In addition, please use the FIFO management principle;

Product Features:

1. Wear/scratch resistance - provides long-term protection for many highly finished surfaces;

2, impact resistance - maintain the integrity of the surface in many applications where the impact is not very strong;

3, puncture resistance - can form a tough barrier to the liquid, so that it can not erode the product;

4, flexibility - can adapt to most curved shapes;

5. Non-volatile organic components - do not release volatile organic components when