Bopp tape product purchase instructions and product purchase route

- Apr 05, 2019-

Bopp tape, which is a specific type of tape, and from the current point of view, this kind of tape has more applications, so it is necessary to familiarize and understand, in order to know which suitable occasions can use this kind of tape and have Good use effect, and in turn, avoid product waste and other issues.


1.Boop tape product selection and purchase instructions

Bopp tape product purchase, it can be said that this is an important job, can not be underestimated and sloppy, because it is easy to make wrong choices, resulting in product waste and bring some economic losses to users, so we should pay attention to prostitutes seriously Treat and proceed. In consideration, all relevant factors should be taken into account, and these factors need to be comprehensively and comprehensively considered in order to have accurate judgments and correct choices, and these factors are also important considerations, and all need to be considered. In addition, among these factors, there are some necessary considerations, which are indispensable for the origin, size, performance parameters, product price and quality of the product, and the after-sales service of the manufacturer and the product.


2.Bopp tape product purchase route

Bopp tape products are available in different ways. From now on, you can choose the right route according to your own conditions and actual conditions. In the specific product purchase route, one can find the manufacturer directly to purchase the product, and the second is to purchase the product on the relevant industry website.


3.Bopp tape, which is the specific type of tape from which angle?

Bopp tape, which is a specific type of tape sorted according to the substrate, and in addition to the specific type of Bopp tape, there are also cloth tape, kraft paper tape, masking tape, fiber tape, PVC tape and PE foam. Cotton tape and other types.


Bopp tape, from a professional point of view, is a kind of tape obtained by applying a layer of glue on the surface of a high-pressure corona on the basis of the original film of Bopp. The glue used is acrylate glue, also known as pressure sensitive glue, the main component is rouge. In the color of this kind of tape, it is possible to customize different colors according to the requirements of use. If you want yellow, change the raw materials and add appropriate amount of suitable raw materials. In terms of viscosity and quality of the glue, it is also necessary to have good control in order to ensure the quality of the tape and to have a suitable