BOPP tapes detailed

- Aug 30, 2019-

The country does not have a perfect standard for the tape industry. There is only one industry standard for sealing BOPP pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

BOPP tapes advantages

The utility model has the advantages of thin thickness, good performance and price ratio, transparent appearance, non-toxicity, odorlessness, good safety, convenient use, high efficiency, high anti-buffering strength, good retraction rate and good tear resistance.


Based on polypropylene film (BOPP), transparent sealing tape is suitable for carton packaging, spare parts fixing, sharp object binding, art design, etc.

Color sealing tape provides a variety of color choices to meet different appearance and aesthetic needs;

Printing sealing tape can be used for international trade sealing, express logistics, online shopping malls, electrical brands, clothing shoes, lighting fixtures, furniture and other famous brands. The use of printing sealing tape can not only improve the brand image, but also achieve a wide range. And the effect is told.

Transport storage requirements

1. The sealing tape is packaged in unmarked paper or plastic film.

2. Corrugated boxes should be used in the packing tape box. The carton should have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that the tape is not damaged during storage and transportation.

3, the packaging process with packaging plastic must be based on the nature of the item to reasonably package as much as possible to protect the item, special items should be marked and marked.