Briefly describe the forming method of stretch-wound PE protective film

- Sep 06, 2020-

When it comes to stretch stretch wrap film produced by stretch wrap PE protective film manufacturers, the shaping method it uses, first of all, refers to the flat extrusion double-pipe flat blowing method. In terms of this method, we are actually It should be noted that it uses a horizontal center feed die, and the installation and operation of this equipment used by manufacturers of stretch-wound PE protective film will be more convenient.

Immediately afterwards, for the forming of stretch-wrapped PE protective film, to a large extent, it actually uses flat extrusion and up-blowing method. As far as this method is concerned, it is actually to a large extent. That is to say, it is possible to produce PE heat shrinkable film with a relatively wide folding diameter and a relatively uniform thickness. Then, we actually need to pay attention to another method, which is actually the flat extrusion or downward blowing method. This equipment covers an area of It is relatively small, and the production environment is better, and it can produce wide-width films.

Furthermore, regarding the forming method of stretch-wound PE protective film, that is, the flat extrusion double-pipe up-blowing method will be used, because the characteristic of stretch wrap film is that it can be used to produce wide films, and the thickness of the film is relatively uniform, and, In terms of its openness, it will be better.

In addition, what we actually need to know is that the use of different types of stretch film and the performance of the product itself are also slightly different. Furthermore, we need to pay attention to the way of judging the performance of PE protective film. First of all, in fact, it should be noted that the PVC plastic mask of the protective film and the silicone-coated release mold should be peeled off first.

Then, when judging the quality of the PE protective film, to a large extent, it should be noted that the glue on the back of the mask should be kneaded hard to make the glue and glue stick tightly. Put them together, and then pay attention to pulling away. Note that the stretched glue wire between the glue and the glue cannot exceed 0.2 mm.