Carpet protection film application

- Jun 24, 2019-

Carpet protection film is a kind of PE protection film. Because PE is environmentally friendly and transparent, it has become the first choice for many everyday products. Moreover, the PE protection film has good softness and can be customized, and is widely used in the packaging industry today.

Carpets In today's society, the demand for society is getting higher and higher, and carpets are generally used in high-end places. Therefore, the protection and packaging of carpets after leaving the factory is also very important. However, the surface of the carpet is different from other products, so the demand for PE protection film is different from other products.

The carpet protection film should be particularly viscous, otherwise it will not stick to it. Conventional customers generally use 3 to 5 filaments of ultra-high viscosity protection film. Moreover, the carpet protection film also requires no degumming, otherwise the carpet will be sucked and the product will be contaminated after the protection film is torn off. This requires the manufacturer of the protection film to have a professional production