Carpet protective film application range

- Feb 20, 2019-

Mainly used for carpet and carpet-like decorative surfaces (such as wall); interior carpets, and carpet-like decorative surfaces, fibrous seating surfaces, etc.

Color type:

Transparent, black and white, white (milk white), blue. Colors can also be customized according to user requirements or templates.

Main technical performance of carpet protective film:

1. Pasting performance test: easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no residual glue: a. With the object bent 90 degrees, no cracking, no falling off; b. After peeling off the paint film, the film surface is not Residual glue.

2. Load test: 360span 5 degrees - 50 degrees to withstand / SPCM2 load, the surface of the glue does not leave after peeling.

3. UV-resistant aging test: Under 50 ° conditions, 300w UV lamp does not crack after 60h irradiation, no deformation, no residual marks on the surface after tearing off.

4. Humidity-resistant aging test: After 60 degrees + 80% = 240H, it will not fall off. After peeling off, no residual glue will be left, and the surface will not be corroded.