Characteristics and use of self adhesive film

- Aug 31, 2019-

1. The self adhesive film is easy to stick to the surface of the product, and can be manually packaged and mechanically packaged, with high cleanliness and more beautiful products.

2. The self adhesive is not affected by moisture, temperature and other environmental influences, and does not affect the surface gloss of the product.

3. After the film is finished, the product will not be damaged by the self adhesive film and will not cause scratches on the surface of the product.

4.Self adhesive film storage time is long, the self adhesive film off from the mucous membrane, easy to tear, no residual glue.

5. At present, the company has formed a good production system to ensure that quality problems are avoided in all aspects.

There is no traditional glue on the surface of the self adhesive film, but it can be attached to the surface of the corresponding product, such as: ps board, acrylic board, pc board, pvc board, plastic parts, glass, home appliance board, aluminum board, stainless steel board, galvanized board and so on