Characteristics of BOPP Packing Tapes

- Aug 12, 2020-

Instant adhesive force, the BOPP Packing Tape is sticky and firm. Fixing ability, even a small force can be adhered to the workpiece as desired. With controlled unwinding, the tape can be pulled away from the roll in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight. The flexibility and sealing tape can easily adapt to the rapidly changing curve shape. Thin, sealing tape tape will not leave thick edge deposits. Smoothness, the sealing tape is smooth to the touch and does not irritate your hand when pressed by hand. Anti-transfer, no adhesive will be left after the sealing tape is removed. Resistant to solvents, the backing material of the sealing tape prevents solvent penetration. Anti-fragmentation, no cracking of sealing tape. Anti-retraction, anti-stripping, paint will be tightly fastened to the backing material of the sealing tape.