Characteristics of PE protective film

- Sep 06, 2019-

PE protective film is mainly used in the fields of acrylic, plexiglass, optical glass, high-gloss panels and so on. Has a very mature market and consumers. At present, the development of protective films by large manufacturers including Dongyihong Packaging has been extended to PE protective films of various colors, and products with high added value have also emerged. The most influential ones are high temperature resistant protective films. Development and use.

The previous protective film has been exported from import, and in the next few years, it is positive news for manufacturers. The PE protective film industry has huge room for growth, and the time is stable and rising. At the same time, the added value products of PE protective film, such as stretch film, textured film, sliding surface electrostatic film, PE electrostatic film, etc., will drive the development of the market and lead the industry.

Features: (1) easy to paste and peel off (2) stable performance, with strong tensile properties. (3) It can withstand high temperature at a certain temperature. Although the ultra-high temperature PE protective film has not been introduced to the market, our company has successfully developed it and will soon invest in the market. The temperature resistance is between 33-40 degrees. (4) It has a long shelf life and has no effect on viscosity and quality during storage. (5) It is non-polluting and very environmentally friendly, suitable for all industries that need environmental protection. Environmental certification for international standards.