Choice of protective film

- Dec 09, 2020-

With the development of society, everyone’s living conditions are getting better and better, and everyone’s requirements for the quality of life are also getting higher and higher. This is very obvious in many places in life, and naturally everyone is no exception when buying goods. It can better meet everyone's needs. Many places will put protective films on the goods when they are produced, so that they can be effectively protected, whether it is storage or transportation, then what are the specialties when choosing enough film here? ? Let's take a look together.

The first is the requirement of abrasion resistance. As a protective film, its main function is naturally to protect. During transportation or storage, friction and bumps are unavoidable in many cases, so its abrasion resistance is very The higher the requirements, the better the abrasion resistance, the better the protection of the product. Secondly, the protective film must have a certain degree of easy adhesion. Easy adhesion means that it is easy to stick on the surface of the article, and it is not easy The key to creating bubbles is that its pasting method is formed by electrostatic action, not through glue. Another thing is that it is easy to clean. A good film should be easy to clean and will not be glued, so that it is more convenient for consumers to remove it. Generally, the inferior film is stuck on because of time. The sticky stick is very strong, so that everyone can't clean it effectively, which seriously affects the product.