Cleaning of Tile Protection Film

- Nov 21, 2020-

Tile Protection Film is a kind of building material with a very high use rate in daily decoration. Because it is bright and easy to clean, it is deeply loved by the market. Of course, in real life, some friends will put a protective film on it in order to prevent it from abrasion, better protect its appearance, and make it last longer. But over time, this kind of film will also Aging will occur, and a state of adhesion will appear, making it difficult to tear off the aging film when replacing it. There are four main cleaning methods. First, use the detergent used for dishwashing, pour a few drops on the aging film, and then soak it with warm water, then it can be easily torn off. If there are more stubborn parts, you can With the help of a small spatula, gently shovel it off. The second method is banana water. The membrane itself is a kind of plastic. When it ages, the adherent can be soaked in banana water to soften it, and it can be easily handled. The third type is boiling water. After the tiles are cleaned, use 100 degrees of boiling water to remove the floor, so that after high temperature softening, it will be easily separated from the glaze, and then it can be removed from the corners of the tiles. Up. There is also the use of industrial alcohol. This situation is mainly used when there is a small amount of residue. When you can’t tell where is dirty and where is the film, sprinkle some industrial alcohol on the ground and wipe it with a soft cloth. Can achieve thorough cleaning.