Do the details before using the floor protective film

- Sep 10, 2020-

Before opening, it is best to personally measure the corners of the home, take a pen ruler to write down, and mark it clearly. Clear the area involved in the decoration process. Especially the tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, and floor area; clear the main Wall size. Especially in the future, you need to design the wall size for placing the furniture; the main body demolition is the first project, mainly including the demolition of the wall, the wall laying, the shoveling of the wall, the demolition of the heating, and the replacement of plastic steel windows. The finished garbage should be cleaned out in time to ensure the cleanliness of the room, and it is also to facilitate the construction. At this time, it is time to fix the finished door. At this time, it is best to browse through the cabinets, range hoods, stoves, and water heaters, and try to be sure Coming down; water and electricity transformation is the most important link, we must determine the exact location of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, etc.

Before the hydropower transformation, the cabinet designer should come to the door for the first measurement to help you determine the power supply and waterway transformation plan. For water heaters, it is also best to send someone to design the location of the power supply and the water connection according to the model you have determined. .Reminder: It is best to leave a power socket on the wall under the water basin to install the kitchen treasure. The air-conditioning hole and power supply should be placed on the wall of the bedside as far as possible to prevent the air-conditioning from blowing directly at people in the future. Strong electricity and weak points Keep a distance of 20 cm, for example, leave a distance of 20 cm between the socket and the network cable; considering the damp and wet environment of the kitchen and bathroom, the material for the riser must not be made of wood keel, even if the wood keel is painted with anti-corrosion paint. It is best to use light steel keel or red brick for the riser pipe. The light steel keel saves the place, but the most solid and easy to use is the red brick. At this time, you need to buy tiles, jointing agents, etc. Furniture should be ordered in advance and the construction period , At least about 15 days, generally more than one month is better. Reminder: Do not wrap the pipes where there are inspection openings, in case of water seepage, the cause will not be found; after the wall paint is painted, the oil union will be in Apply nitrocellulose lacquer where the wallpaper needs to be pasted. The paint can dry out the next day, and then you can ask the master to paste the wallpaper.

Reminder: Do not open the window for ventilation within 48 hours after the wallpaper is posted, and let it slowly dry in the shade. If some places are up, ask him to help repair it. At this time, it is time to buy panels, sockets, and lamps. Then it is time to change the house. New places, or new furniture for installation and placement, but you must pay attention to cleaning.

The details are handled well and all links are properly arranged. This can save a lot of time and will not cause many regrets due to improper handling of details. The home is clean and comfortable to live in. Who is this home? Don't love it?