Environmental protection issues of PE protective film

- Sep 16, 2020-

Environmental protection issues have received more and more attention and attention from people all over the world. For environmental protection, protective film products are also one of the culprits that destroy the environment. While the protective film improves and facilitates our lives, it is also slowly affecting In our living environment, the "white garbage" formed by the plastic products used is difficult to decompose, and it has drastically polluted and harmed the environment.

Environmental protection solutions for PE protective film

As people are paying more and more attention to environmental issues, plastic products such as protective films must be developed to be green products and take the road of pollution-free, easily decomposable and recyclable in order to obtain the choice of direct users and indirect users. In order to properly solve the problem of protective film waste, chemists are changing the structure of the protective film itself so that the waste protective film can be completely decomposed in a not too long time.