Features of high-quality PE protective film

- Apr 05, 2020-

The quality of the PE protective film is actually not difficult to distinguish. First of all, look at the crystal points on the surface. The fewer the crystal points, the higher the manufacturing level of the PE protective film, and the better the quality of the PE protective film. In addition to surface phenomena, internal performance is the key to distinguish the quality of PE protective film.

For example, a high-quality PE protective film will have better weather resistance and adhesion stability, even after a long period of use, it is easy to peel off, and there will be no residual glue left on the protected surface when it is peeled off , No picture.

Good adhesion is also one of the characteristics of high-quality PE protective film. Such protective film will warp and fall off during handling and processing; in addition, the adhesive of good quality PE protective film is inert, that is to say, it No chemical reaction with the surface of the material being adhered.

In addition, the tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation, etc. that meet the user's requirements are also factors that measure whether the quality of the PE protective film meets the standard. In short, the PE protective film is suitable for waist acid. Under this premise, consider the economic issue, and try to reduce the cost while ensuring the smooth production of the product.