Features of PE Protective Film for Stainless Steel

- Feb 16, 2021-

1. Ultra-clean Coating in a thousand-level (dust/liter) clean room workshop, and suspended drying in a ten thousand-level clean room workshop. 2. The precise release force control ion gravure technology allows us to accurately control the release force of the release film, which can range from 7G/50mm to 1400G/50mm. At that time, conventional products are extremely light, light, medium, The five release force levels of heavy duty and extremely heavy duty can meet your different requirements for release force in die-cutting processing, making your processing simple and feasible. In addition, we can also customize the release force products you need about your different needs. 3. Anti-humidity, especially in the humid production environment in southern China. 4. Anti-silicone oil falling. The same ion gravure technology makes the silicone oil more attractive. When the tape is lifted from the release film, the silicone oil will not be taken away, and it will be cleaner. Often used in lens protective film. 5. Anti-static 6. Anti-slip The surface of the release film is anti-slip, which can make the processed products easy to pack and use. 7. A variety of thicknesses. Different thicknesses are required for different processing skills. 8. A variety of colors. There are a variety of colors to choose from, such as bright, blue, green and other colors.