Ground protective film paste and function

- Apr 09, 2019-

The paving of tiles and floors is also part of the basic decoration. It is often found that there is no finished product protection work during and after the construction of the tiles. The specific performances are: the seams on the side of the tiles, the tiles on the freshly laid tiles, and the stacking on the floor. Miscellaneous and freshly tiled tiles are walked on the treads, floor tiles, and the floor is not covered with a finished protective film. These will affect the paving effect of the tiles and cause the construction quality of the tiles.

1 Wall floor tiles should not be rushed to make joints when the paving is not dry, so as to avoid artificially causing the tiles to be loose and uneven, which will affect the construction effect.

2 Before the floor tiles are dry, do not walk or pile up debris on them to avoid loosening and uneven tiles.

3 After the floor tiles are laid, cover the brick surface with a finished protective