How is the flexible glass protective film

- Sep 10, 2019-

In life, many people use a glass protective film, and the protective film is also divided into various types. The flexible protective film is seen in life. The flexible glass film is used to prevent the mobile phone from smashing the screen when it falls. Not for scratch prevention. Ordinary film is 3H hardness, characteristics: high hardness, low toughness, mobile phone fell, can be a good anti-shatter screen. When the phone is dropped on the ground, the impact is great. If the tension is too large, the screen will be broken. The toughness of the tempered film is low. When the tension is transmitted from the mobile phone, the film will withstand the tension, which greatly reduces the tension on the main screen. Then Xiaobian takes everyone to see how the flexible glass protective film works.

1. The thickness of the ultra-thin flexible glass is thinner than that of the human hair, and the structure is stable and beautiful. Therefore, it is possible to provide an optimal solution for a foldable display device or a future microelectronic package.

2. With the innovation of process technology, the glass surface can be finished by mechanical finishing. Today, the refined glass structure can be perfectly shaped, and complex creative inspiration or challenging innovative applications will be realized. For example, structural glass wafers for electronic or biochips.