How to avoid degumming of aluminum-plastic plate protective film

- Sep 25, 2019-

Degumming has become a common phenomenon in membranes and tapes. Of course, such a phenomenon is not good. Generally, the quality of the product itself is too high, so production is a major concern. Let's take a look at what it will do to help us avoid this situation.

Analysis, the general reason is that after the construction of the user's device is completed, the aluminum-plastic plate protective film must be torn off the surface of the profile, but the adhesive that appears on the protective film does not follow the protective film, but remains. In the profile products, this is one of our most reluctant to see.

The pressure glue that can be used as a product of the protective film is generally not in accordance with the rules, but it is also said to be sticky, which will cause the protective film product to be peeled off, and the external tension is greater than the internal yin. A situation of force.

Therefore, the residual on the profile generally causes the aluminum-plastic plate protective film to have no way to carry out the useful peeling. Generally, there are two kinds of properties. First, the sensitive adhesive used for the product of the aluminum-plastic plate protective film and the special film not used for the protective film. Sensitive glue, but the protective film is of course very good at the time of sticking, but it is generally difficult to compare when peeling off. This is also a comparison of the protective film produced by some illegal protective film manufacturers. The most common occurrence of a question arises.

There is also a temperament that the material used in the master tape of the aluminum-plastic composite sheet is too soft. Of course, there is no way to withstand a pulling force when peeling off, so that the appearance of cracking occurs during peeling, generally this is A questioning place where users are very headaches.

Therefore, the key lies in the attention of the production of aluminum-plastic composite film. In the production, we must tighten the control and adjustment of relevant influencing factors, solve the problem for the problem, which can help us better to do what we have to do.