How to buy aluminum panel protective film

- Mar 21, 2019-

The protective film of the aluminum panel, as the name suggests, is a film that can protect the aluminum panel. Therefore, this film is called a protective film, and the name of the product can be known from the name. In order to be used correctly and reasonably, the aluminum panel can be well protected.


1. How to buy aluminum panel protective film?

To purchase the protective film of aluminum panel, the first thing to know is which aluminum panel is used, as well as the environment and use requirements, and then consider the origin, parameters, quality, price, after-sales service of the manufacturer and product, etc. After comprehensive and comprehensive consideration of these factors, we can have accurate judgments and correct choices, and then choose the right products for ourselves. In addition, we must be treated seriously and behave in an attitude. We must not be scornful and sloppy, so as to avoid erroneous choices, resulting in product waste and economic losses to users.


2. Is the protective film used to protect the board, is the aluminum panel suitable? Is there a difference between the protective film and the aluminum panel?

The protective film used for protecting the sheet is made of a polyethylene plastic film as a base material, a cross-linked polyacrylic resin as an adhesive, and a special auxiliary agent added to prepare and debug. Moreover, this kind of protective film is soft in texture and good in holding property, and can be used on various board, so the surface protection of different board can be selected with different product specifications and adhesion. In addition, in terms of product specifications, it can also be customized according to customer requirements. In terms of color, conventionally, there are four kinds of transparent colorless, milky white, blue and black and white.


Based on the above description of the board protective film, it can be concluded that the aluminum panel is suitable for the board. However, if compared with the aluminum panel protective film, although it is a protective film, there are still some differences, at least in the scope of use. Different.


3. What is the material of the protective film of aluminum panel? How long can it be used?

The protective film of aluminum panel is an aluminum panel protective film, which is generally processed by PE film, and the three layers are co-extruded together to form a film, which can be adhered to the aluminum panel after surface coating, thereby To a good protection, the surface of the aluminum panel is protected from scratches or damage.


The protective film of aluminum panel, from the current point of view, its quality can be guaranteed for half a year to two years, but there is a precondition that the aluminum panel with the protective film can be well stored, suitable storage temperature and environmental humidity, but also to avoid Direct sunlight, if these conditions are not met, will shorten the life of the protective