How to choose a good quality PE protective film and the difference with PVC protective film

- May 01, 2019-

PE protective film, which is a common and commonly used type of protective film, and is made of PE material. Therefore, this protective film is called PE protective film, so that you can know which suitable occasions can be used reasonably. And, in order to achieve full use of the product.


1. Are there important considerations in the consideration of PE protective film purchase? Is there a need for comparison of related factors?

PE protective film for product purchase is required to take into account all relevant factors, and these factors should be considered comprehensively, so that you can have accurate judgment and correct choice. Among them, there are important considerations, but it refers to the factors related to product purchase, so we can not have a wrong understanding, so as not to affect the correct purchase of the product. The factors related to the purchase of PE protective film products are important considerations. Because they are the same in importance, they cannot be compared, and there is no need for comparison.


2. How can I choose a good PE protective film?

If you want to choose a good quality PE protective film, you need to do the following two things: First, you should clearly understand the use requirements and determine the price range of the products you can afford. This can further narrow the selection range; It is the choice of professional and regular manufacturers to ensure product quality and product performance.


3. What are the differences between PE and PVC protective film? How to choose?

PE and PVC protective film, which are two different protective films, and are protective films of two different materials. The former is made of PE and the latter is made of PVC. In addition to this, the difference between the two protective films is also Have:

The difference one: In general, the PE protective film is glue-free but sticky. It can feel a kind of electrostatic adsorption force when touched by hand, and the PVC protective film is glued, so the touch is not the same.

The difference is two: in the color, the PE protective film is generally transparent and colorless, and the PVC protective film is slightly yellowish.

The difference is three: from the material point of view, PE material is environmentally friendly material, PVC material has environmental protection grade.


Whether to choose PE protective film or PVC protective film, mainly depends on the use environment and use requirements. If the environmental protection requirements are not high but the price sensitivity is high, it is inclined to choose PVC protective film; if the environmental protection requirements are high and the budgetary expenses are sufficient, it is inclined to choose PE protective