How to choose pe protective film

- Jun 07, 2019-

How to choose pe protective film and protect it from contamination, corrosion, scratching and protection of original bright surface during use, thus improving product quality and market competitiveness. According to Xiaobian, the current PE protective film is mainly used in the following industries:

Hardware industry

Computer case, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, plastic plate, glass plate, solar panel, etc.


Printing industry

Surface protection of plates such as PVC, PC board, aluminum sheet, and film.


Wire and cable industry

The protection of shaft-mounted copper wire, semi-finished product, finished product and finished product can effectively prevent dust pollution, anti-oxidation and anti-fouling effect.


  electronics industry

In production, polyethylene protective film is generally used to protect finished and semi-finished products, and it is not easy to scratch and damage on the assembly line.


Mobile digital industry

Mobile phone film, also known as mobile phone cosmetic film, mobile phone protective film, can be used to install a cold surface film of the mobile phone body and