How to choose the right type of glass protective film and whether the matte film is available

- Jun 25, 2019-

The glass protective film, as its name suggests, is a type of protective film used on glass, so it is called a glass protective film. In the following, the protective film is familiar and understood through the learning and mastery of its related knowledge, and thus, the correct and rational use of the product can be realized.


1. Do you have some preparation work to buy a glass protective film on the Internet?

To purchase a glass protective film on the Internet, it is necessary to do some preparatory work to purchase a glass protective film on the relevant industry website. This can avoid wrong choices and, in turn, ensure that the right products are selected. In the specific preparation work, the first is to clearly understand the needs of their own use, as well as the range of product prices that can be accepted; the second is to understand some basic information of products and manufacturers, so that you can have accurate judgments and Choose the right one.


2. What are the common types of glass protective film? How to choose the right type?

Among the glass protective films, there are some common types, such as a glass lens protective film, a glass cover protective film, and a touch screen protective film. To select a suitable product, it is necessary to see the specific use, use environment and use requirements of the product. And so on, through them to select and determine, in order to ensure that the right type is selected and can have a good use effect.


3. Is it possible to use a glass protective film on the glass surface?

Glass curved surface, it is possible to use a glass protective film, but it should be noted that a protective film that can only be applied to a flat surface cannot be used. A protective film that can be attached to a curved surface, such as a 3D curved protective film, is used. For the protection of the surface, and in addition to protecting this function, there are other functions.


4. Matte film, can it be used as a glass protective film?

A matte film that can be used as a glass protective film, and is also suitable for ordinary glass, and has good protection properties and use effects. In addition, after using this kind of film, the optical interference can be reduced and the optical fiber can be fully utilized, and the upper surface can also be printed or patterned to improve the overall appearance of the glass. However, after the frosted film is applied to the surface of the glass, the surface of the glass becomes unsmooth because the film has a matte