How to tear off Polyethylene Protective Film

- Mar 12, 2021-

PE protective film is suitable for LED liquid crystal displays, backlight boards, cold light boards, polyvinyl chloride boards for mobile phone screens, PC hollow boards, solid boards, acrylic boards, instrument plastic lenses, solar panels, etc. When producing qualified polyethylene protective film, the surface is smooth, without bubbles, degumming, etc., and there is no residual glue when peeling off. However, the PE protective film produced by some low-quality manufacturers will have different phenomena, such as residual stickiness.

Mixture and viscosity. The viscosity of the polyethylene protective film is also low, medium and high. For polyethylene protective film, we can use the method of removing pet protective film and nail water. A water removes the protective film effectively. These methods can effectively remove the protective film.