How to tear off the glass protective film when it is sun-dried

- Sep 09, 2019-

Glass film has become more and more popular in our lives, learn to film yourself, save the labor costs, perfect. When we choose to buy, we have a certain purpose, such as sun protection and privacy. We can look at the relevant parameters on the glass sticker. For glass stickers like sunscreen, we will focus on the heat insulation rate, while the explosion-proof film, we will focus on its material, hardness, toughness and the like. At the same time, there is a problem that people will worry about, that is, the glass protective film has been exposed to it for a long time and then there is any way to tear it off. Then Xiaobian takes everyone to know how to tear off the sun-protected glass protective film.

There are several ways to do this:

1. Add a little bit of ammonia and turpentine to the soap to remove stubborn dirt from many glass.

2. Repeat the sticky tear with sticky adhesive, you can remove some of the surface.

3. Use a little bit of soaked water to wipe it off, or use paint thinner.

4, can be blown dry with a hair dryer, and then a light scrape can be.

5, wipe with a cotton swab, wash the nail water.

6, wind oil fine wipe.

7. Use special detergent or sports shoes to remove the stain.

8. The 4b eraser used for drawing is very soft. The Korean rubber can wipe it off.

9. If the trace that has been left for a long time has become hard, you can soften it with a hot towel and then wipe it.