How to use stainless steel protective film

- Apr 10, 2020-

1. Balanced tear-off protective film

There are many kinds of stainless steel protective films, large and small, and you need to tear the protective film in balance when using it to ensure the uniformity of the protective film. In the process of tearing the protective film, it is like a thin layer of paper. If it is not evenly torn, it is easy to break or lose the low viscosity of the protective film, and some places will be thin.

2. Weili is attached to stainless steel

Don't tear too much, use as much as possible, stick it on stainless steel, and then stick it to the stainless steel with slight force. Do not press, touch, etc. with your hands during the period.

3. Fixed protective film

When the stainless steel is completely wrapped by the protective film, how to fix it? There are several methods here. First, press hard on the end of the protective film; second, stick with transparent glue. The above are the steps of using stainless steel protective film.