Identification of glass protective film

- Nov 27, 2020-

In the hot summer, the weather temperature is very high. For buildings with glass, the indoor temperature is abnormally high due to the limitation of the glass itself. Therefore, in order to protect the indoor temperature, people often apply film treatment to the glass. , This can not only achieve the effect of heat insulation, but also the effect of protecting privacy, because the glass stone is transparent, and with the film, the outside world cannot easily observe the indoor situation. In real life, there are many kinds of glass films on the market, various brands, and various prices. So when you choose, how should you identify the quality of the protective film? Let's briefly introduce everyone together. The first thing is to look at the clarity. For the glass film, its clarity should be very high, and this clarity will not affect its actual visual effect due to the color of the film. So when you buy, It can be recognized by observing its clarity. Inferior film, it looks fuzzy and foggy. The second is smelling, the glass protective film is not environmentally friendly. This will not only not guarantee the effect, but also release a large amount of formaldehyde, and the identification is actually relatively simple. A good film does not have a lot of peculiar smell, but inferior. The membrane will emit a pungent smell. The other thing is to look at the appearance effect. This kind of protective film must not only have a variety of protection, it also needs to guarantee a certain appearance effect, so you can tear up the film and then paste it again to see if there are bubbles in the actual appearance effect. It can be distinguished whether it is good or bad. A good film will be intact when pasted again, while a poor quality film will have bubbles.