Introduction of blown film process for color steel plate protective film

- Jul 18, 2019-

Blown film is an important part in the production process of color steel plate protective film. The quality of EPE pearl cotton packaging film is determined by the quality of the process. Let's take a brief introduction to you by Xiaobian!

The machine used for blown film of color steel plate protective film is a blow molding machine, and its working principle is to heat and melt plastic particles and then blow them into a film. The film material blown out by this processing method is related to the blown film machine and plastic particles, and the color steel plate protective film blown out by the raw material plastic particles is said to be clean, and the finished product is stretched well. Plastic particles made of recycled waste plastics are usually added with pigments when they are formed into a film, which may be unevenly colored, brittle and fragile, and low in price. The protective film subjected to the normal blown film process has superior stretchability and excellent barrier properties.

The performance of the color steel plate protective film has a great relationship with the production process parameters. Therefore, in order to obtain a high quality film product, the control of the process parameters should be strengthened and the process operation should be