Introduction of glass protective film

- Nov 18, 2020-

In modernization construction, in order to ensure the aesthetics of the construction, glass will be used, but the problem comes. Although glass can be beautified, it also exposes many problems. Privacy is not guaranteed, thermal insulation is not good, etc. To solve this The problem is that many people choose to put a protective film on the glass, so that the corresponding protection can be effectively realized. With the popularity of e-commerce, in order to save money and troubles, many friends will choose to buy films online and stick them by themselves. So for amateurs, what should we pay attention to when we stick films by ourselves? Let's take a brief look at it together.

The first is cutting. When the film is bought, it is a large bundle. We need to cut it according to the required size. When you cut, the length of the film should be about 1 cm longer than the pasted glass, so that it can be guaranteed When encountering unexpected situations, the corresponding adjustment can be done in time, which can also reduce the installation effect caused by measurement errors. The second is the position confirmation. The film has two layers, one layer is colorless and transparent, and the other layer is dark. You must pay attention when posting, and don’t make a mistake in the order, so that you can’t achieve what you want. The occlusion effect. There is also processing. When applying the film, the film should be processed and wiped in four directions, so that there will not be many bubbles in the finished product, and the sense of grade of decoration can be improved.