Introduction of profile protection film

- Apr 09, 2020-

The function of profile protection film is to put a film on the physical objects we want to protect. Now there are functional protection films such as AR anti-reflective film, AG matte anti-reflection film, mobile phone mirror film, anti-peep film, and high-definition anti-scratch film.

The AR anti-reflective and anti-electromagnetic radiation protection film is basically made of pet material, and the three-layer anti-scratch and anti-electromagnetic radiation structure. Thickness of protective film: about 0.25mm. Anti-reflective, anti-electromagnetic radiation, effectively filter ultraviolet rays. Electrostatic adsorption technology, can be pasted multiple times without glue. Extremely high abrasion resistance, outstanding scratch resistance and durability. The light transmittance reaches 99%, and the picture is clear and vivid. This kind is more popular in the market, the quality is uneven, the more outstanding should be the GLAUKE brand.

It adopts a three-layer structure, the surface layer is a matte layer, which can effectively resist the invasion of fingerprints, and the finger slides without leaving marks; even if liquid residues such as sweat are left, it can be cleaned by only lightly wiping with your hands, which ensures the screen vision to a large extent effect. The material is processed through a special process, which can effectively prevent reflections and reduce the problem of screen reflections in sunlight or waiting.