Is PE self-adhesive commonly used and self-adhesive corona treatment can increase viscosity

- Jul 05, 2019-

Self-adhesive, although only three words, but contains a lot of knowledge, so here is to familiarize with and understand the product, mainly to explain and explain its related knowledge, so that both learning objectives and knowledge flexibility can be achieved. Use it so that you can benefit from it. 

1. Want to choose a good quality self-adhesive film, must you consider the product price or other aspects of the product?

In order to choose a good quality self-adhesive film, one must do is to choose a professional self-adhesive manufacturer, in order to ensure product quality and product performance, and in turn, to ensure the use of the product. Based on this, it can be concluded that in order to choose a good quality self-adhesive film, it is necessary to take into account the manufacturer of the product, not the price of the product.

2. PE self-mucosa Is this kind of self-mucosa common and commonly used?

PE is a kind of self-adhesive mucosa, which can be said to be very common and commonly used, because it can be seen in some industries and fields. From a professional point of view, PE self-adhesive is co-extruded in two or more layers, and one of the films will be made of self-adhesive material, so that it can adhere to the surface of the protected object without applying glue on it. Therefore, it can be used for products with high quality appearance.

3. Can the viscosity increase after the corona is applied to the mucosa?

After the corona is corona, it can not increase the viscosity, because corona treatment can only improve the adhesion between the membrane and the glue, that is, to ensure the effect and effect of the membrane not degumming, and can not increase the viscosity of the glue, Or it is the adhesion from the mucous membrane. The stickiness between the film and other things is to see if the glue used is good.

4. Can the electrostatic adsorption film be used as a self-adhesive film?

Electrostatic adsorption film, from a professional point of view, this is a non-adhesive film, which is made of PE, PVC, etc., and adheres to the surface of the object by the electrostatic adsorption force of the film itself. To protect this effect, so it can be used on some smooth surfaces. Whether or not such a film can be used as a self-adhesive film can be used as a self-adhesive film as long as it can satisfy the use requirements of the self-adhesive