Judgment of the quality of Tile Protection Film

- Dec 15, 2020-

1. The Tile Protection Film should be inert to the surface of the material to be protected, does not react with the surface, does not corrode or pollute the surface.

2. The second step. Good adhesion to the protected material. During material handling and processing, the protective film must not warp or fall off. At present, many protective films are mostly self-adhesive or have electrostatic adsorption capabilities, so they can adhere well to the surface of objects.

3. In order to have better weather resistance and viscosity stability, after a few days or a long time of pasting, the peel strength can be significantly improved and it is easy to remove. When the protected surface is not covered, no glue remains.

4. The ceramic tile protective film has good processing adaptability and meets the needs of deep processing of the protected object.