Material of protective film for aluminum plate

- Sep 01, 2020-

The aluminum protective film substrate is made of polyethylene (PE) material, and its characteristics are:

1. The flexibility of the aluminum protective film is good, and the speed of pasting the surface of the pasted profile is fast;

2. The peel strength increase rate after the board is low;

3. High anti-buffer strength.

4. The protective film pressure-sensitive adhesive has good stability, and there is no residue after the product is peeled off, and it will not adversely affect the protected surface.

The color of the aluminum protective film substrate (PE): transparent, milky white, black and white, yellow and white. The color can also be determined according to user requirements or samples.

Application range of aluminum sheet PE protective film: Mainly used for surface protection of aluminum materials (aluminum-plastic panels, fluorocarbon aluminum panels, decorative panels, etc.) to prevent scratches and damage during transportation, storage, processing, and installation.