Method of distinguishing true and false glass protective film

- Mar 01, 2020-

1: Sniff with nose. Inferior glass protective film usually uses pressure-sensitive adhesive material, which contains a large amount of benzaldehyde molecules, as long as it is used under the sun, it will volatilize and produce an unpleasant odor, but professional regular glass The mounting glue of the protective film has almost no taste.

Second: Touch by hand. A high-quality glass protective film feels thick and smooth when touched, while a poor-quality protective film is relatively soft and thin, and lacks sufficient toughness, and it is very easy to wrinkle and easily distinguishable.

Step 3: See with your eyes. The quality of the high-quality glass protective film is very clear, and no matter the color of the film is dark or light, its perspective performance is good, and the color of the inferior protective film is obviously uneven.

Fourth: wipe with alcohol, gasoline and other chemical test agents. Because the inferior protective film is only made by dyeing the adhesive layer, or the adhesive layer is only coated with an ultraviolet blocking agent, so after removing the protective layer of the protective film and wiping the remaining adhesive layer, the fading phenomenon can be seen immediately.

Article 5: Anti-scratch. When the high-quality glass protective film is normal, the surface of the film will not be scratched or masked, and the inferior protective film has obvious defects in this respect.