PE protective film face material thickness selection

- Apr 08, 2019-

The thickness of the material of the face material directly affects the depth of die cutting. The thicker the material, the more die-cut. Because the thicker the material, the greater the tolerance of die cutting, the less likely it is to cut through the liner. Relatively speaking, the material is thin and there is a defect of cutting through the bottom paper at will. For example, the same surface material as 80g/m2 and 60g/m2 is cut on the uniform flattening labeling die-cutting machine. The results show that the 80g/m2 material die-cutting is normal, and the material is replaced by 60g/m2. When die-cutting, the waste-cracking, bottom-paper cut-through and loss-of-standard phenomenon often occur, and the demand often stops, and the pad is cut. Throw a lot. There are many kinds of notices for this kind of situation. It is assumed that the use of circular die-cutting methods or reduction of die-cutting area, PE protective film manufacturers use high-precision equipment, etc., this phenomenon can be added or avoided. Therefore, when die-cutting thin surface materials, be sure to use high-precision equipment to maximize the die-cut area (especially small labels). PE protective film manufacturers use the professional die-cut version of the manufacturer's die-cut version. Pad