PE protective film for dyeing pigment performance

- Sep 08, 2020-

Speaking of the performance of the fuel when the PE protective film is dyed, first of all, we actually need to pay attention to its own mobility. Regarding this feature, it actually refers to colored plastic products, including PE protective film and other solid and liquid When a substance is in contact with a substance for a long time or is working in a certain environment, it will have physical and chemical interactions with the above-mentioned related substances.

From the perspective of the pigment itself, to a large extent, it will actually migrate from the inside of the PE protective film to the free surface of the product, or it will migrate to the adjacent plastic or solvent. From the perspective of its migration resistance rating standards, in fact, it will include level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, and level 5.

Immediately afterwards, we actually need to pay attention to the PE protective film itself, to a large extent, it actually has no organic pigments, and for most of it, it will have better light resistance. In terms of its weather resistance, it actually refers to the color stability of the pigment under natural conditions.

Next, regarding the use of pigments in the PE protective film, as far as its titanium dioxide is concerned, it is actually divided into anatase type (A), and there will be titanium dioxide rutile type (R), and Including titanium dioxide. When it comes to titanium dioxide, in fact, it can directly improve its own hiding power and its weather resistance to a large extent, and, on its own, it will have better fade resistance. Wait.

The pigment used in the PE protective film is titanium dioxide, and when its concentration is relatively low, we actually need to pay attention to the whiteness of PP, which will increase with the increase in content, and its concentration exceeds At 1.5%, the whiteness will no longer increase. From 1%-8%, the whiteness can be increased by 2.8%. However, the increase in the amount of titanium dioxide in the pigment of the PE protective film cannot increase it. Whiteness.