Performance of plastic film protective film

- Jul 25, 2020-

Plastic film protective film is the most widely used in packaging field. Plastic film can be used for food packaging, electrical product packaging, daily necessities packaging, clothing packaging, etc. They have one thing in common, that is, they must be color printed on plastic films, and as food packaging, multi-layer compounding or vacuum aluminum plating and other process operations are also required. The surface of the plastic film is required to have a high free energy and a large wet tension to facilitate the strong adhesion of the printing ink, adhesive or aluminized layer to the plastic film; during the production of plastic film winding and high-speed packaging, the film is required The surface has certain friction properties to prevent the film from sticking or slipping; when used in packaging for electrical appliances, electronic products, etc., the film is required to have certain anti-static properties, etc.