Plastic sheet PE protective film main use

- Jan 30, 2019-

1. Protection The product is adhered to the surface of various products and can effectively protect it from being stained and scratched during storage, transportation and processing. This product is suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy products, stainless steel products, plexiglass products, high-grade furniture, household appliances, paint panels, mirror panels, alloy panels and various advanced decorative panels, various building panels and so on.

2. Masking effect When the surface of the processed product is to be sprayed deep processing, when the surface that does not need to be sprayed is shielded or sprayed in multiple colors, the product can be covered with cover, easy to use and low in cost, which is an ideal choice. . The product is characterized by good transparency, does not affect the appearance of the product itself, and has good tensile properties, is not easy to break, can be adhered to the surface of various substrates, and when the process is finished, it will not be torn off. There is gel residue, and the water-based glue does not affect the protective surface.