Polyethylene Protective Film is loved by the public

- Mar 31, 2021-

With the implementation of international environmental standards, new degradable plastics have attracted much attention. Germany launched a brand of degradable polyester resin polymerized with aliphatic alcohol and aromatic acid, which can be used for film production. According to the information, the annual demand for degradable plastics in Western Europe is 20,000 tons, which are mainly used in compost bags, garbage bags, mulch, composite paper, fast food packaging containers and beverage cups. With the popularization of mobile phones and other digital products in China, protective film has slowly become a general term for screen protective film, and its functions in the field of screen protective film are also varied, the earliest high-definition scratch-resistant. The materials have gone through more than 5 years of development from the earliest PP materials to the current AR materials, and are slowly being accepted by the majority of mobile phone groups. The characteristic of the PVC material protection sticker is that it has a soft texture and is easy to stick, but this kind of material is relatively thick and has poor light transmittance, making the screen look dim. It will also leave glue marks on the screen after tearing off. This material is also easier to turn yellow and oil out with temperature changes, and the service life is relatively short. So there is basically no such protective film on the market now. What can be seen on the market at present is an improved version of PVC protective film, which solves the previous problems of heavy weight and poor light transmission, but still can’t solve the problem of easy turning yellow and oil, and it is necessary to pay attention to PVC. The material does not have the ability to resist scratches, and obvious scratches will appear on the protective film after a period of use, which affects the display effect of the screen and the overall aesthetics of the phone. In addition, PVC itself is a toxic material, containing heavy metals, and has been completely discontinued in Europe. This kind of screen protector made of modified PVC material is widely sold in the market. It is characterized by its soft feeling in the hand and the price is very cheap. The price is generally around 10 yuan, and some other brands are even traded at 5 yuan. Many well-known protective film manufacturers have also stopped using this material.