Precautions for glass protective film

- Sep 27, 2019-

Glass protective film is now well known in life and must be used by people, but it may not be particularly thorough in terms of precautions, but every note needs to be clear, in case any details appear to be leaking. It is not always good.

The glass protective film must pay attention to check the tools when wiping the water. Do not appear uneven or notched. The film needs to pay special attention to the size and quantity of the glass when cutting. The same side of the glass is measured. When cutting, it is also necessary to align the center of the film edge. When the film is pasted, a small amount of detergent can be sprayed on it to effectively remove the surface residue. The object is then wiped clean with a rag.

In fact, glass protective film has a lot of use in our daily life, because these advantages and the benefits of use will be favored by many customers in the market. The thermal insulation film on the product has strong safety performance when used. At the same time, it has the adhesion property of glass fragments, so the safety performance of such products is higher than that of tempered glass, but it is reminded that you must choose a regular manufacturer when purchasing protective film.