Profile protection film purchase considerations and online shopping preparations

- Jun 18, 2019-

Profile protection film, which is a specific type of protective film, and will be used in the surface protection of the profile, so it is necessary to have a certain familiarity and understanding of this kind of protective film, so that you can know how to use it properly and achieve the purpose of use. To ensure the life of the profile.


1. Profile protection film online, is it ready to work?

Selecting the profile protective film on the Internet is the product of purchasing the profile protection film on the industry website. From a professional point of view, it has some preparation work, and the more important work is to understand the product and its production. Some basic information of the manufacturer, including the origin, size, parameters, price and manufacturer of the product, but also the product picture and product evaluation. After knowing this information, the product of the profile protection film can be purchased online and can be avoided. An incorrect choice has occurred.


2. The purchase of aluminum profile protective film and profile protective film, are they the same in terms of purchase considerations?

The aluminum profile protective film is used for the aluminum profile, and the profile protection film is used for various profiles, so the two protective films are different in the object of use. In terms of product purchase considerations, the same is true for some basic considerations, but it will be different in some targeted considerations to reflect the difference between the two protective films.


3. Is the aluminum protective film a profile protective film?

Aluminum protective film, which is a protective film for aluminum, wherein the aluminum material is a material of various aluminum materials, and the profile protective film is a protective film used on the profile, and the object of use is various shapes. At the same time, aluminum profiles are also included, so the aluminum protective film is not a profile protective film, but the two protective films have the same.


4. Is there a basic requirement for the use of profile protection film?

From a professional point of view, the profile protective film has basic requirements in its use, and it must be strictly enforced, and it must not be sloppy and slack. Profile protection film, which can be made of PE, PET and HDPE, etc., in use, it must be firmly adhered to the surface of the profile, and the protective film will not have residual glue or residue when peeling off. In order to avoid the surface of the profile stained with dust.