Profit points for the development of PE protective film

- Aug 30, 2020-

PE protective film manufacturers talk about the use of PE protective film is very wide, but the price of the product is cheap, if there is no mass purchase, the profit point is very low, then how to improve the profit point in the development history of PE protective film?

PE protective film manufacturers introduced that the profit point of the development of PE protective film is to develop the market and the protective film is mainly used for retort pouches and frozen vacuum packaging of fresh meat. At the same time, it accounts for a relatively large market for fragrance, packaging cover materials and food composite packaging. The three major industries such as packaging and printing have also increased the yield, and at the same time, they are also relatively poor in moisture absorption and water resistance. At the same time, there is a close cooperation with the application of the composite process technology.

The functionality of PE protective film development is progress and the domestic start is relatively late. At the same time, the production of photosensitive materials and insulating materials is gradually developing toward packaging substrates, which also includes 60% of the film market and special films for electrical appliances. 23% photosensitive materials accounted for 10%, and graphics and decorative films accounted for 5%.