Protective film structure

- Apr 28, 2019-

At present, the protective film on the market is roughly divided into two structures: a base layer and a rubber layer.

1. General process: Apply the glue evenly on the base material, and mix the base rubber particles with the substrate.

2. Co-extrusion process: the rubber particles are mixed with the substrate, and the surface has no glue, but has a certain adhesive force, and no residual glue phenomenon occurs.

3, PE protective film general specifications and colors

1) The thickness of the PE protective film: 0.03mm - 0.15mm;

2) Color: transparent, blue, black, milky white, black and white, the special color can be customized according to the customer;

3) Width: within 1650mm, length: within 1000m;

4) Adhesion: 5-610g/