Protective masking film has the difference between glue and glue

- Jun 21, 2019-

During the transportation of goods, certain bumps will occur due to the bumps in the process. If the PE protection film can be used during packaging, it is a good protection for the goods, and it will also reduce accidents, especially some fragile items. PE protection film will be used. Obviously, PE protection film is more popular among some manufacturers in daily sales.

Some PE protection film manufacturers will better distinguish the types of PE protection film, and will also distinguish PE protection film in a broad sense. The method of broadly distinguishing PE protection film is to distinguish whether PE protection film has glue or not. Glue PE protection film and glue-free PE protection film.

The PE protection film is a PE protection film with many meshes on the surface. The PE protection film has good gas permeability and good viscosity, and is not prone to bubble phenomenon after use.

The glue-free PE protection film is a PE protection film mainly based on electrostatic adsorption and sticking, and the protection film is relatively weak in viscosity and relatively easy to fall off.

At the same time, the electrostatic film is divided into two kinds

One is the production of co-extrusion blown film machine (specific supply blow molding can refer to the self-adhesive polyethylene protective film before)

The other is co-extrusion casting machine production

Their electrostatic formulas are also different, and the quality and price of the products are different. The lower price of the electrostatic film will transfer the electrostatic components to the surface of the product, resulting in poor products.


Eight, how to make PE protection film with electrostatic adsorption function

1. It has corona treatment during the film making process, so that the film increases the surface area and electrostatically charged to meet the needs of the subsequent glue application, which is beneficial to the combination of glue and film.

2. There is no glue PE electrostatic film is the inner layer of the film is EVA material, it has its own adsorption function, and the multi-layer blown film casting machine can make this product