Quality requirements of PE protective film

- Mar 11, 2020-

1. First of all, it is required not to degumming. After the glass processing is completed, when the maintenance film is removed, no glue or traces can be left on the surface of the processed glass product to maintain the product bright and beautiful.

2. Good toughness, which means that the mask can withstand the impact force of 6 to 8 kg of sprayed emery, otherwise it will break through the maintenance film and break the processed objects.

3. It has proper viscosity, which means that the mask can be adhered to and adhered firmly to the glass body to be maintained, and can also be removed after the processing is completed. Troublesome.

4. The color and specifications of the maintenance film can be customized according to the user's requirements. The commonly used colors are white and light yellow. The length is measured in meters, and can be customized according to user requirements. The quality of the maintenance membrane directly affects the working time and product quality.